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In these turbulent times when everything is constantly changing is good to know that El Mirador Inc. is there for the community offering personal care services with the utter most dedication and compassion for all our consumers.

El Mirador Inc. is a local home care and case management agency established in the Bernalillo County since June of 2006. We provide non-medical assistance at home for all people that qualify for personal care services under the Disabled and Elderly Waiver program (D&E Waiver) as well as the Personal Care Option program (PCO); we also provide assistance with Environmental Modifications.

Our involvement with the community is vast; not only do we offer services in our Albuquerque metro area, but we extend our coverage to the Northern, Southern and Eastern part of our great State of New Mexico.

We have participated in multiple community events that focus mainly on maintaining the health and a good quality of life of our elderly and also people with disabilities.

The staff at El Mirador Inc. strives for excellence by educating and guiding any person that is interested in any of the programs and services that we offer, we are culturally sensitive and pay close attention to the needs of our potential consumers.

We understand that the application process for services can be daunting at times specially for our elderly clients, however, we have always been able to assist them every step of the way until the goal to receive the appropriate services is achieved.

This process generally starts with a phone call to El Mirador Inc.; our consumers then are asked basic information that helps us to determine their eligibility, once this is established the next step would be assisting them with the enrollment into the program that is the most suitable for their needs after they have received all the information that they seek.  

We work closely with the Aging and Long Terms Services Department which is the entity of the state that monitors the provision of the services for the Disabled and Elderly Waiver program and the Personal Care Option program.

Here is a list of the services El Mirador Inc. currently offers:

-          Case Management for recipients of the Disabled and Elderly Waiver Program: Our Case Managers are experienced and knowledgeable about the program and are also very resourceful in obtaining alternative options for assistance.

-          Homemaker services for recipients of the Disabled and Elderly Waiver Program: Our homemakers are kind, compassionate and caring. They are also well trained and have the experience to assist our consumers that may require a minimal, moderate or high level of care. 

-          Personal Care Services for the Personal Care Option recipients:

We provide personal care services under both Delegated and Directed models of care.

-          Environmental Modifications for recipients of the Disabled and Elderly Waiver Program: These services are provided to any person that may require a modification to their environment to improve accessibility and safety in their home, like ramps and ADA compliant bathrooms, etc.

-          Home care assistance on a Private Pay Basis: These services are provided to any person that may not qualify for services granted by the state. Our rates are based on the level of need and will be provided at the time of assessment.

Our greatest inspiration is our consumers; our drive is the knowledge that we can make a difference in the lives of the elderly and the people with disabilities that need our assistance.

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